Waste Battery Disposal Direction
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Waste Battery Disposal Direction

The following note is to inform end users of batteries or products integrated with batteries/accumulators:

1. Waste battery take-back obligation on producers (manufacturers or suppliers) is free of charge for end users

Batteries contain harmful substances and must not disposed with regular household waste. To contribute to environmental and health protection, end users are legally obligated to bring batteries to municipal collection facilities or local producers for recycling. As a distributor of batteries, we are committed to take back used batteries which are or previously have been listed in our product range. Racing Planet customers may either return waste batteries by franked mail or bring used batteries to our goods depot address:

Racing Planet Vertrieb GmbH
Löbstedter Str. 50
07749 Jena

2. Meaning of labels

BatterieBatteries are labeled with the crossed wheelie bin symbol (kindly see below) and do not belong to regular household waste. They must be discarded properly and brought to separate collection facilities. Due to concern about cadmium, lead-acid and mercury in municipal waste stream, health and environmental risk, batteries containing more than 0.002% by weight of cadmium (Cd), 0.004% by weight of lead (Pb) or 0.0005% by weight of mercury (Hg) require the chemical symbol underneath the crossed wheelie bin logo, respectively.

3. Automotive batteries (for vehicle starting, lighting and ignition)

Under terms of the German Battery Ordinance § 10 BattG (Pfandpflicht für Fahrzeugbatterien), as a distributor of automotive batteries, we are on statutory duty to charge a fixed refund fee of 7.50 EUR including sales tax. The refund fee is not applicable by waste battery return at the time of purchase. When purchasing a new battery, the Racing Planet Vertrieb GmbH certifies the consumer a refund slip. Against confirmation by signature and seal, the end user is obligated to return the used battery to collection facilities set up by the public waste management authorities for recycling. Thereon, stating customer ID, the end user is provided to call for refund at the seller´s. Alternatively, the customer may return waste automotive battery and refund slip at the seller´s on-site. (According to the German Hazardous Goods Ordinance, returning waste batteries to the seller by mail-order is prohibited.)
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